NO Upfront Fees - Competitive 8% Commission Rate - No Obligation Free Valuation



Contact WNC Business Brokerage for a confidential discussion and meeting to establish the value of your business and the selling process.   Points to discuss:-  

Exit strategy:  Discussing with your CPA and financial advisor so you understand the tax, retirement and financial implications once we , your business broker, have sold your business.                                   

Timing:  Discuss with us, your business broker, when is the preferred time to market your business for sale.

Position:  Is your business in a position to obtain the highest value?  Discuss this with us, your business broker.

Records:  Are  your business records up to date and readily available?  Discuss with us, your business broker

Financials:  Are your business financials up to date?  Discuss with us, your business broker, what financial  records are required to maximise your selling price and a buyers due diligence.

Reason:  There are many reasons why you have decided to sell.  Let us, your business broker, know why, so we can advise you how best to approach the subject with a prospective buyer.

The Future:  Have tentative plans in place for when we, your business broker, have successfully sold your business. If you have been in business for many years it will be a "nice" shock to the system when the responsibility suddenly lifts off your shoulders.  It is important to have an interest, a hobby, enjoy your family,  or if you are not ready to retire, let WNC Business Brokerage find you another business opportunity.    

Good Luck for the future whatever you decide.  





Critical steps to selling a business in Asheville and the surrounding area:

Following an initial confidential telephone discussion we will meet with you privately to answer any questions regarding the selling process, and tour your business to gain relevant information. Most importantly we will discuss how we can work together to successfully obtain your future goals.

Confidentiality is an absolute must.  Disclosing the sale to employees, vendors, customers, friends, neighbors and any third party is strongly advised against. The only persons that have a "need to know" are your Co-Owners, CPA,  Attorney and us, your listing broker.  And of course potential buyers!

Cost of Selling: We charge a competitive LOW commission rate of 8% paid at closing based on the final sale price of the business.  We do not require any upfront fees . Advertising your business for sale is at our expense. 

Easy to Understand Listing Agreement where you choose the length of the agreement period.  We will explain this one page document so you are fully aware of the terms.    We are so confident in our service that you can cancel the agreement at any time without cause.

We analyze your business operation and financial results, together with local market potentials and any other information pertinent to your business.  We use time-proven techniques to determine the value of your business, and recommend a price that’s right for current market conditions.


We will produce a unique confidential business review so potential buyers can have a summary of the business activity.


Non-Disclosure (NDA). Any potential Buyer is firstly vetted by us, has to file a signed NDA Document with us  and confirm their financial ability to perform  before any information is disclosed.

Marketing and promoting is critical to selling a business.  We use many avenues that work well including marketing to international buyers (all at our expense)  Example:  Business for Sale in Asheville or we could be Selling your business in Waynesville

Positioning your business for sale: We will give you guidance on how to present your business to a prospective buyer.

We will give you guidance on the best way to present and show your business to a potential buyer. 

Offer to Purchase:  When you receive  an offer from a buyer negotiations are extremely important, sensitive and emotional - We will work closely with you through the negotiating stages so you get the highest price on the best terms. 

Due Diligence : We will explain the process and  give you  guidance and advice so you are ready for a buyer's Due Diligence.  

The business is yours (until the closing). Let us handle the details and be the "go between" so you can continue to concentrate on operating and managing your business during the process. 

Keeping the deal together.  We advise you on the best ways to keep a deal alive, sometimes it is just a little give and take on both sides. 

The Closing - Our experience counts when bringing a buyer and seller together.  Guidance just prior to closing to iron out any issues is a necessity to getting sellers and buyers to the closing table. 

The SOLD sign is up but your job is not quite done. Training the new owner is part of the selling process.  Typically this is two weeks during normal operating hours.

You have successfully SOLD and your new life lays ahead.  Congratulations and Good Luck

Call Peter Garrod (Broker) 828-772-8447.  He will be pleased to discuss selling your business - CONFIDENTIALLY